Friday, October 9, 2015

31 Days of Horror 2015 Day 09 Halloween remake

Halloween remake
Source-Unrated Director's cut DVD

This film came out at a time when I wasn't going to theaters to see anything. So I didn't see it until I bought the DVD over a year later. But everyone I knew that saw this remake at least liked it. With a few people saying it was better than the original. Then around 2008 I started posting at a forum for a horror podcast. And wow the hate this film got there. You would think that Rob Zombie had dug up the podcast host's dead grandmothers. Then defiled the corpse in front of them  while burning all their autographed pictures.

As for me,I do enjoy this film. Do I think it is better than the original? Nah. But it is the best Halloween film since part 5. And better than the original part 2,H2O and the one with Busta Rhymes.

I like how we get a back story as to why Michael did what he did that one Halloween night. I like how Laurie isn't a perfect angel in this film,and yes I do remember in the original the scene where she smokes a joint with her friend. I like how they explained where Michael's mask came from. Really my only complaint about this film is Sherri Moon Zombie isn't the best choice to play Michael's mother. She tries her best but just isn't the right person for the role.

Now I know there is 3 versions of this film. There is a workprint that leaked right before it hit theaters.There is the theatrical cut and then there is the director's cut. All I have ever seen is the director's cut.

The DVD is fairly loaded with decent extras. The commentary is worth a listen. And the documentary on the making of the film is great.

Halloween remake gets a B.