Monday, April 27, 2015

3 Toys from the Junk Box Batman Edition

Had to make a quick trip to the coast this weekend. We went from having a few months to get whatever anyone wanted out of Grandpa's house to "Hey can yall have it all out in 5 days?"

But while down I spent the night with my cousin. While helping her put a new bed together for her son. We also went through all his toys. Getting rid of shit he never played with. And yes he got consulted on what was given away.I of course got first choice.

Ended up getting right at 30 action figures. And 3 items that because of space issues in the truck I had to leave down there until my next trip to the coast.

No clue what toyline this Joker came from. I noticed I didn't own a full size Joker figure. I have had a Imaginext Joker for years now. Liked the paint apps and sculpting on this one. The articulation is shit. It feels a bit like the Kenner Batman the animated series figures.For having so such small feet Joker is surprisingly easy to stand up.

This tiny Robin seems to be a Happy Meal toy. The paint and sculpting isn't good. Along with this one I got 2 other figures. One who I was shocked was made into a Happy Meal toy,hint it's a hero that started in the golden age.And was a JSA member. And one who I have no clue who it is.But yeah this Robin sucks. Never been a huge Robin fan so it isn't like I gotta have a cool Robin figure.

Saved the best for last. I loved the Fisher Price Imaginext toyline. Their DC superheros are some of my favorites. But they figures cost way more than I want to pay. This Batman came with the Imaginext 2 foot tall Batcave Playset.He has so much articulation. The paint is great. And the clothlike cape is a nice touch.It is weird I am a big Batman fan. But until I got this huge haul of toys,only Batman I had was  Batman Begins Batman.I like this Imaginext Batman so much more. Plus it looks like a dwarf version of the Adam West Batman.