Saturday, January 28, 2017

2017 Comic Challenge 306 Southern Bastards #16

TITLE-Southern Bastards #16

Fuck yeah the two Jasons are back with another issue of Southern Bastards.

With the Rebs losing their past 2 games Coach Boss is gonna make sure they don't lose a third in the row. So him and 2 of his guys head to the home of the star player of a rival team.

It looks like Coach Boss is gonna injury the kid bad enough so he has to miss a game. But the kid stands up and explains how it was Coach Boss that inspired him to be the best he can be on the field.

And of course during all this Coach's goons are holding the kid's parents at gun point. The parents turn the tables and it gets nasty. Both of the parents get shot/beaten so bad they end up in intensive care.

It looks like the Rebs got the game won. When the star player kid actually shows up. The game ends a tie,which we find out from a radio that a few of Coach Boss's goons are listening too. Out of nowhere two guys armed with fully automatic weapons shoot and kill the goons.

As it has so far with each issue Southern Bastards ends leaving you hoping that in 4 weeks you will get another issue.

Southern Bastards #16 gets a BUY!

2017 Comic Challenge 305 The Walking Dead #162

TITLE-The Walking Dead #162

The battle is over. Some troops reach Hilltop and see what is left. Dwight's group makes it back to Alexandria. Carl has a sweet moment with Lydia. All looks good. The war is over. Our leads have once again won. Sure they suffered losses of people and Hilltop is almost totally gone.Plus Eugene has worked himself to death to manufacture and deliver to Alexandria a huge wagon packed to the rafters with ammunition.So it looks good. Maybe a time of peace for our survivors.Time to mourn the dead and keep on surviving.

Then in the last 5 pages shit hits the fan. Dwight is explaining to Rick how his army managed to stop the Whisperers and their herd of around 1000 zombies. And we find out that Beta and what is left of the Whisperers have lead what looks to be millions of zombies towards Alexandria.

There is so many beautiful 2 page spreads in this issue. The first being when the troops on horseback finally make it to Hilltop. The other two are near the end. It is just millions and millions of zombies being lead towards Alexandria.

Just guessing but I am gonna say before the end of this year our leads will be back on the road again. But who knows with this title.

There is a reason I get Walking Dead every month. A reason why I end up buying every issue twice,digital for monthly issues and then whenever the next Compendium comes out.And it is cause even after 162 issues it still finds a way to keep surprising me and keeping my interest.

The Walking Dead #162 gets a BUY!