Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Return to Vendor's Emporium Feb 02 2015

It has been months since I went to Vendor's.Mostly because my last 3 trips they had nothing I wanted. So after having lunch in town,which cost me much less than I expected,I wanted to stop by. Hoping that maybe there would be something that I am looking for.

I got to the booth up front that always has a mixture of toys and books.
I have never seen this before. It is around 2 foot tall. Pretty sure one arm moves.The price was only 15 bucks. So I figured if I didn't find anything else I wanted I would grab it. I try to limit myself to 20 bucks or under total on my trips here. If I didn't set a limit I would spend way too much. Below my wrist you can sorta see a Spongebob Book. It was on top of a huge stack of comics,magazines and books.
Found this I am assuming early 70s Marvel romance comic. To my eye the cover art looks like Romita. And $5 isn't a bad price. But I doubt I would have read it. Still it is a neat find. Most comics I find around here are mid 90s glut.
This is a guide book to the original Beauty and the Beast tv show. It is in really really good shape. And would be an interesting read.But the 18 buck price made me say no. While that isn't a bad price,it is about 8 bucks more than I am willing to pay.

 I found these hanging on the left side of the booth. Made by a model company the style reminded me of Big Daddy Roth's Rat Fink stuff. For $2.50 I get a pack of 5 trading cards and the well painted and highly detailed figure with a base.

I found this one behind a rack of Waterworld toys. IIRC the Weird-ohs were what Rat Fink was part of.Like the above this has a pack of 5 cards and the figure.

Looked through the one booth that is packed with books. Nothing that I wanted.Well that isn't true found one book I wanted. But it was a hardback and my shelves for hardcovers are already overflowing.

Finally I got to the back corner booth that usually has comics. The box had a sign saying they were all now $1 each or if you bought at least 10 then they became 50 cents each. I started digging down into the box. Hoping to find 10 comics I wanted.

D.P.7 issue 2
Another book closer to my full run of the New Universe stuff.I have owned this issue at least 3 times. But keep losing my copies in moves.This comic always felt like a more realistic take on the X-men. Mark Grunwald wrote most of if not all of this series.

Justice issue 2 and Kickers INC issue 2
Two of the New Universe titles I never read much of. Plus another 2 books closer to my full run.Justice from my almost 30 year ago memory was an alien cop or something. He could create an energy sword with one hand and the other created a shield. He was stuck on Earth. IIRC he had amnesia.

Kickers Inc was a super powered football team. I think they were also bounty hunters. The quarterback of the team got a feature role in the Pitt,Draft and War mini series or one shots.This was the title from the original 8 that caught the most crap.

The Weird issue 2
By Starlin and Wrightson,I have wanted to read this mini series for a bit. I didn't notice until I got home that the price sticker was on the book instead of the bag. Meh it was 50 cents.
Airboy issue 5
This gorgeous Dave Stevens' cover is what caught my eye. For 50 cents,which is also the original cover price,I will buy any comic with Stevens art. And Airboy is another title I have slowly been collecting a full run of.
The Badger issue 10 and 12
I miss read the issue numbers. Already got both of these issues in trade paperbacks.
I heard so much about Elflord back when I was first going to comic shops. This is the final issue of the black and white run.

Well I needed to more comics to make it 10. So much of the box was early Image stuff. Lots of Cyberforce and Youngblood. Then I found the next book.
Stark Future issue 2
Seems to be a science fiction series. Published by Aircel,back before they got bought up by Malibu.

Needing one more comic I found the next one at the very bottom of the box.I have never heard of the comic,the company or anyone that worked on it.

 Kyra issue 3
The art on the front cover isn't bad.Flipped it over and...
Kind of a ripoff Boris Vallejo or Julie Bell look. Then I noticed something strange about this comic. It isn't the normal comic book dimensions.It is a bit taller and bit wider than the average comic.

 I placed a regular sized comic on top of the front and back cover to show how much bigger it is.

So I had 10 comics that will be $5 total. The three figures that are $2.50 each. So that is $7.50. Before taxes that is 12.50. I got to the register. The lady starts ringing me up. Now maybe the booth with the figures had a sale,but she told me my total was $9.35. I know she rang the comics up right. Because the other lady told her the comics were ten for $5.

Overall not a bad trip to Vendor's.The three figures are great. Might have to do a posting on them soon. Haven't read any of the comics yet,but the over sized one has my interest.