Monday, May 2, 2016

SWA Promotions April 30th 2016 Richton Mississippi

Saw the above flyer maybe 2 weeks before the show. Wasn't sure if I could manage to get a ride. Then found out that the head of Bodyslam Media Productions was going. So I arranged a ride with him.

Got up early,for me,the day of the show.Woke up around 12pm. Was suppose to meet up around 3pm to make the 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive to Richton. So went town for breakfast. Stopped an grabbed some cheap drinks and snacks.

Well it was also around this time that a horrible storm hit. Heavy and thick rain,along with decent wind. It was a bit after 3pm when Koby picked me up. An it took right at 2 1/2 hours to get to Richton. Mostly cause the entire trip we were in the heavy rain.

After getting there and setting up the table,Joe Kane came over and asked if he could put some stuff he had for sale on the table. I saw he had a big stack of wrestling books. And got the below from Mr Kane for a great deal.
Yep Tim Hornbaker's book on the NWA.Been wanting to read this since it came out what 10 years ago.But kind of balked at paying the slightly high cover price for what is just an oversized paperback. Started reading it the night I got it. But haven't gotten very far into it.

I see that two other tables are set up  selling stuff. One of which I see a stack of DVDs and what I was pretty sure was  a WCW VHS. Go over start looking at the VHS and the lady tells me she has a bunch more VHS in a tub. After going thru the tub I ended up with 8 WCW VHS for once again a really good deal. 2 of them were compilations of Ric Flair. But the rest are PPVs.

Found out after the show they were all gotten years ago when Blockbuster was clearing out all their VHS.

The promoter came over and thanked us for coming down and filming. And also invited us to come to any show he holds. So YAY more wrestling to goto.Ok one quick warning. The same lady selling the VHS and DVDs,also had a bunch of pump activated Airhorns. Which sold out and the kids kept blasting them thru out the entire show.

After a playing of the National Anthem we get the openign match.

Old School Steve Starr vs Black Ranger

I had never seen Steve Starr wrestle before. And had never heard of Black Ranger. But both guys did a good job of getting the crowd hyped up and into the match and the show.

Lukas Frost vs Nate Moss was the second match. In a really good,for me it was match of the night,teacher vs student match. Notice how great Frost is at interacting with the crowd. Also I love the superkick from Lukas that almost took Nate's head off.

Mountain Man vs The Assassin was the third match. I had never seen either guy.

After a most welcome intermission,I needed something to drink and a small break from the airhorns,we got a triple threat match. It was advertised as Krimsynn Matthews vs Monty Warbucks vs Blade Beaudreax. But Blade had something come up and he wasn't able to make it. So in his place was Lukas Frost. This was the first time I saw Monty Warbucks in person,after having heard about him for years now. And I was pretty damn impressed. Krimsynn and Frost also impressed me in this match.

Main Event
Sassy Vegas and the Prince of Pain Joe Kane vs Calvin Rose and The Son of JYD Mike Carter. By the time this match was about to start my feet and knee was hurting from standing still for a few hours now. So I started to wander around behind the crowd filming. Ended up staying mostly behind this one family that was very very vocal in their hatred of Sassy and Joe.

Once the match was over most of the crowd cleared out. A decent amount of the wrestlers were out signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans. I headed back over to the table. Where Koby and I talked to Nate Moss for a long time. It was during this long talk that Koby remembered he had something for me. Something he got at Wrestlecon when he was there this year.
It is a May 1985 WCCW program. And it is signed by Bobby Fulton.
So we packed everything up. And got back on the road. The drive back was much quicker,since the rain had stopped. We got back to my town. Went to the Walmart I had parked my car at,then realized we hadn't ate anything in a long ass time. So off to Waffle House for a very late at night dinner. Then Koby headed off back home. I got home,unpacked my bag,got into bed and slept well.

Thanks to SWA Promotions and all the wrestlers and others for a really fun show. Gonna try my best to make it to the next show.

Surprise spring 2016 VHS finds

The last few times I have hit the few places I know of that haven't taken to pricing VHS at "$5 a tape cause they are collectors items now."the places had nothing. One of them had stacks of hunting and fishing videos.

Then this past Friday I had time to kill so hit one of the local thrift stores. They must have just gotten in a bunch of VHS and DVD,cause the normally half full shelves were packed thru. There was also a new shelf full and a big tub full.

I start digging thru the big shelves,found no DVDs I wanted but did find 2 VHS.
 Never seen this Don "the Dragon" Wilson film.It is a ex-video store copy. And the main label has fallen off. But as with all of these tapes once I got home I pt each one into my vcr and tested them out.And they all work and look decent.
Yep it is still sealed. Saw this film years ago and enjoyed it. But debating on if I am gonna open it and watch it or leave it sealed.

Wandered over to the new shelf of VHS,which thankfully had a chair next to it. I sit down and start going thru piles of oversized kids VHS.
I have never seen this video compilation. But with the tapes being extremely cheap I took the chance. Plus it is Cheech and Chong,they are pretty much guaranteed to be funny.
Somehow over the years I have never owned Misery.And until I find it cheap on DVD or Blu Ray this VHS will work fine.

That was the only finds on the new shelf. So time to dig into the tub. Oh forgot there was a bunch of non pre-record VHS mixed into every shelf so far. And I would quickly glance at the label just to see what might be on there. Did find one labeled "Coonie's Wedding". Might go back and grab that another day.

But back to the tub of tapes.
Since getting this on DVD in it's original cut is almost impossible I have been on the lookout for a VHS of it. Not only is it my favorite of the 5 Prom Night films. It is also the first one of that franchise I have seen.
Yep a New Line release of Return of the Street Fighter. I discovered the Sonny Chiba films thanks to a buddy back in the mid 90s. But have never gotten a copy of this film from the great Streetfighter series.
Never heard of this film. But it is Science Fiction and it is from Cannon,so it will be at least watchable.

No clue if it can be read but on the case it says "Wrestling don't record over." and then "Dont Record OVER!" Sadly it isn't wrestling it is 4 hours of rodeo.
I got Full Moon Fever mixed up with Full Moon High.I bought this thinking I was gonna get a chance to watch a horror/comedy I have been wanting to see for years. Turns out Full Moon Fever is some late 80s porn.

Now that is all I found at the local store. And if that was all I found it would be a good haul. But then last Saturday I rode down to Richton MS. SWA was having a wrestling show and I had been asked to come help out a local video crew.

After getting there and setting up,I see that there was a lady with a table full of DVDs and other stuff.On the table was 2 vhs. I see a Ric Flair WCW VHS and picked it up.Was about to ask the woman how much when she looks over and says "Monty has a pile of vcr tapes in this tub. Feel free to dig into it. He is selling them cheap."

Managed to score 8 WCW VHS. For a great deal.All of these ex-Blockbuster copies. After the show Monty was telling us about how he was buying them from Blockbuster for 3 bucks each years ago.
                                                   Slamboree 1998,1999 and 2000.
                         Spring Stampede,Superbrawl 2000 and Great American Bash 1999
                                                Then two Ric Flair compilations.
So found 15 decent VHS for what ended up being under 50 cents each.