Monday, April 11, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 147 The Three Stooges #01

TITLE-The Three Stooges #01
PUBLISHER-American Mythology Productions

Never heard of the publisher before,but I have been a 3 Stooges fan since I was 5 or 6.

This issue has 2 new stories and one reprint. The first story has the Stooges working at a baseball park. Typical Stooge hijinks's happen. Up next is a noir story. With the Stooges being hired by a Kim Basinger in LA Confidential lookalike. They have to get some private photos of her back from some mobster. This story had much better art than the first one. But the actual story was kind of lacking.

Then it is the reprinted story. From Dell Four Color #1170 we get a story of the Stooges going to the circus. A ex-carnie lets a tiger loose. And after seeing how Curly Joe handles the tiger,the ringmaster hires Joe to be the lion tamer for the evening. The art is OK. But doesn't look that much like the Stooges. The story is decent.

Besides the three stories,there is also a page of Stooge facts. Then a couple of pages of production art and sketches of the cover.

The Three Stooges #01 gets a borrow.