Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 283 The Pitt Vol 01 #01

TITLE-Pitt Volume 01 #01

Wanted to look at some Dale Keown art. Not a fan of the writer during Keown's run on Hulk. Also all of Dale's Aircel work has that Barry Blair taint on it. So I was stuck with Pitt.

I had read a few issues of Pitt in the mid 90s. Felt like a Hulk/Alien warrior merging. But with pretty art.

So for the first time I read the first issue of the first volume of Pitt. Pitt fights a bike gang,fight lasts too many pages but has great art. Then we see a little kid that is somehow connected to Pitt. Followed by what I think is a flashback for Pitt. At the end some cops we just got introduced to meet up with something in the subway.

Gonna give this at least 2 more issues to see if it improves. But as of right now looks like Pitt is a book you buy to look at the art and skip reading it.

The Pitt Volume 01 #01 gets a borrow.