Thursday, March 16, 2017

2017 Comic Challenge 311 Grendal #01

TITLE-Grendal #01

I have read issues of Grendal before. But not too sure I have ever read this first issue. Back when it was black and white and Matt Wagner wrote and drew the series.

I have this issue in one of the reprints that is out,but cause I was not home I went with a scan I got years back.

Grendal and Argent are on a city rooftop. And Grendal starts to tell his history. From being a child prodigy. To taking over one of the local mobs and cleaning up various parts of the city.

Wagner's art is cartoony but still so action packed. I am just guessing here,mostly cause certain panels remind me of Silver Age Marvel,but I am thinking Wagner is a big fan of Don Heck.

This is worth tracking down as a reprint. I am sure it is out in trade form from at least 2 companies,seem to remember Dark Horse putting out Grendal Omnibus volumes.

Grendal #01 gets a borrow.

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